A day for love turned to mourning

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A day for love turned to mourning

Tyler Harbert

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It has now been just over two weeks since an armed teenager walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and brutally took the life of 17 innocent students and teachers. None of the students who had attended the Parkland County School knew that day that a previous student would walk in with an assault rifle and take student and faculty lives. February 14th, may to some always be known as Valentines Day, but to the families in Parkland, it’ll always be a day for mourning.

It was just after 2:30 when the fire alarm went off inside the school which caught everyone in the building by surprise. Earlier that day the school had a fire drill where they all practiced an evacuation and then the fire alarm went off again just a few hours later. What the students and teachers inside didn’t know was that this wasn’t a drill and a previous student named Nikolas Cruz pulled the alarm causing everyone to start to vacate the school which was when he opened fire into the crowd.

Cruz was armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and also had smoke grenades which he used to simulate smoke and fire to not alarm the students at first. After he had threw the smoke grenades, he then walked into the school where he fired at students and into classrooms where everyone was hiding. The school was a three floor building and he made his way through every floor.

After he was done shooting, he blended into the crowd of students and then walked out of the school. While all the students were still in panic, he fled the scene and began to put a small amount of distance between the school and himself. He was found by police a few miles from the school where he was arrested and toaken into custody without a struggle.

This is now the 18th school shooting in the US in just this year alone. It has sparked debate and cause for change on how guns should be purchased and also about school security. At Ashley Ridge many students are curious as to what the plan is if this was to happen in the school and the assistant principal, Mr. Reger, politely answered some of the questions.

He explained that,” We’ll lock down the entire school and then our SRO officers that are on site, do not have to wait for SWAT, they can just go.” He also went on to say that, “I would do whatever it takes to stop it (the situation).” Lastly, he discussed about what could be done to improve security and said, “Do I have an exact answer to fix it? No I wish I did, but I don’t think teachers should be armed.”

The students in Parkland have tried to start a movement to make sure this never happens again and are gaining a lot of attention. Though there may never be an exact answer to solve the problem, the students will continue to hope to find a solution.

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