You ARe The Help Until Help Arrives

Lailani baxter

Biomedical Sciences teacher at Ashley Ridge High school, Stacy Elwood wants staff and students to take a part in being the help until help arrives. Elwood’s point of this is to show staff and students how to stop severe bleeding injuries.

“In situations like school shootings, people usually die because they bleed out,” said Elwood ,thursday afternoon in a interview held at Ashley Ridge. The program is usually taught to the teens in biomedical and health science. Also said by Elwood , pricipal of Ashley ridge ,Karen Radcliffe has the school mrc team putting together a way the entire school can practice these situations that can cause excessive bleeding .

Elwoods’ main purpose of this ” until help arrives ” program is to educate staff and students on stopping severe bleeding injuries to stop , inside and outside of school. Also , understand the importance of practice and rehearsal to improve our response to a life threatening situation.

By  the end of the course people should be able to use simple and effective skills to save lives . Skills like effective communication with  9-1-1 operators , stay safe , stop severe bleeding , and provide emotional support.