GENERATION Z: It’s More to Us!

And we don't eat Tide Pods for living...


Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, is one of the oddest generations yet. One day eating Tide Pods, the next day arguing with politicians for what they believe in. Said to be one of the advanced generations yet, Gen Z has done the unremarkable at such a young age. Generation Z isn’t just filled with teenagers who take selfies all day or watch the Kardashians 24/7, they’re the people that told the government to control the guns. They’re the generation that needs to be recognized more.

“I think what the older generations fail to realize is that we do more than what they actually think.” Says junior, Zoe Gaspari. Generation Z is constantly dragged for their laziness but statistics show that the generation actually enjoy volunteering and participating. According to Dan Schaefer from, 77% of Gen Z’s are either extremely or very interested in volunteering to gain work experience. This statistic shows that Generation Z holds value within their lives. They want to work in the most effective way possible. “We want to do work, they just don’t see it.” Gaspari continues. “That’ll change eventually though, they’ll see.”

Although Generation Z wants others to realize that they are actually more than what they make out to be, older generations just don’t think their prepared to handle this type of world. “Is it okay to say that I’m generally scared of this specific generation?” says Swamp Fox parent. Other generations show that they are very nervous for these individuals to hold power in the world one day. “I just don’t think they realize how cruel this world can be if they don’t follow through in a correct way,” the parent continues.

Even if older generations make the world seem much harder than what it actually makes out to be, Generation Z pays them no mind. “We will be fine. We will be the change that’ll make the world way easier.” Junior, Shelbie Ashe, states.

Will Generation Z be the generation that reverses the mishap of this world or will they just be the generation that everyone else expected them to turn out to be? They claim they want to be the generation that everyone recognizes and acknowledge but just not in a bad way. “It’s more to us than just Tide Pods.”