Ashley Ridges Cinderella- Behind the Scenes

After months of production starting in November, Ashley Ridge’s Cinderella came out as a major success. Put together by the Ashley Ridge Theater Design students and production team. Since then, the play has really taken off.

The Theater Design class lets students get involved with the production of the play. Students have chances to paint, drill, sew, and create important set pieces. They learn about how to make a set and formulate designs from scratch. When asked what it was like to be on the Theatre Design team, Evan Lehner said “It’s a lot of fun being around people that care about theater. It’s nice to have the production look good not only because of the actors, but because of what they are acting on and around.”

The Properties Carpenter, Aidan Rhoades, personally spent 6-10 hours a day working on the production. He mainly worked on the bigger set pieces. He also made the abstract pieces such as the horses and the chandelier that took up more time than usual projects. Some pieces of the set would take up weeks of daily work to get finished for the final production. 

Mrs. Brower, the director of the play, shared that the t-shirts and advertising were the most expensive part. “You can’t have a play if no one knows about it.” said Mrs. Brower. When Mrs. Brower was asked what she would do differently she said “Cinderella is a very magical play; I wish we could have had better magic effects, but the budget didn’t allow for that.”. 

Selling Over 1,000 tickets to Ashley Ridge students and teachers the play evened out with it’s budget. There were also over 600 tickets sold to visiting schools such as Knightsville Elementary, and Dubose Middle. Spending over $6,000 on the play (not including royalties or costumes) the play finally premiered on February 12th-14th. 

The play featured many talented Ashley Ridge students. Such as Casey Dorman playing Cinderella, and Jason Male playing Prince Charming. Many students were also given specialized jobs such as Stage Manager, and many other important positions.

When compared to Ashley Ridge’s previous plays it did fairly well. When asked which one was her favorite Mrs. Brower said “Cinderella was amazing, but it was only my second favorite. Fiddler on the Roof was just so amazing and is going to be really hard to beat.” Fiddler on the Roof was preformed 2 years prior to Cinderella, but deciding which one was better comes down to personal opinion.