Shout and Scream “Ban Assault Weapons in 2018”!


It is 2018, and right now, we are only in March. However, from the start of this year alone, as of February 21st , America has reported a total of thirty-four mass shootings across the nation (Abc15). Out of the thirty-four attacks, eighteen have been school shootings reported on a school campus, including the now third deadliest school shooting happening this past Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida. There has been an estimated amount of 1,518 acts of gun violence since the infamous Sandy Hook Shooting in Connecticut late 2012, where twenty elementary school kids ranging in age from five-to-ten and six school teachers were gunned down (NYDaily). Yet, nearing six years later, American citizens are still crying out for laws on stricter gun control. The government, however, only wipes our tears, briefly, for the time being, then goes about business as usual.

The government goes about business as usual, not tending to the needs of the nation and only offering prayers, condolences, and hashtags when tragedy strikes instead of implementing action. The answer is simple: we need stricter gun laws. The actions it will take to grasp this answer, however, remains unknown.

America, once, had in place harder gun laws such as the ban on assault weapons like the AR-15. The ban was in place from 1994-2004 and during this ten-year time period an amount of eighty-nine deaths from gun violence occurred. Once the ban was removed in 2004, in the following decade, America mourned the lives of more than 300 people due to mass shootings (Washington). In the short years following, that number jumped, climbed, and soared, now in the thousands. Many citizens are in support of stricter gun regulations with 67% favoring the ban of assault style weapons and 48% of gun owners agree. The fact is that the model for the AR-15 was originally designed for combat during the Vietnam War, yet only half a century later, the same combat weapon is placed in the hands of a deranged nineteen-year-old (Pew). This is a problem. The adults that stand before millennials and the younger generations that constantly nitpick and degrade our generation are the exact people just throwing our safety to the wind.

As it is known, America is a world power. However, we seem to have the most issues protecting our own people. Across the way in Australia, another highly developed continent, the issue of mass shooting has not actually been an issue for years. The last mass shooting Australia suffered was in 1996 when a gunman killed thirty-five people in a café. After this incident, the Australian government placed heavier and stricter gun laws preventing just anyone for just any reason to buy a gun simply because they wanted to. Twenty-two years later, 2018, Australia has not had a single mass shooting since (Fortune). Yet, here, after just two days behind the Pulse shooting in Orlando, Florida that killed forty-nine people, it is reported that it only took thirty-eight minutes to buy an AR-15 (Business).

We, not only as American citizens, but as the future face of America, need to care more about where our future is headed, and what it will be like when we get there. Our children now are terrified to go to school, afraid to live life in normality. What will their children be afraid of? Prayers and condolences after the terror simply are not enough. We need to act before anything happens, so nothing ever happens again. We need to act now! We need to be in tune and in charge of our government. It is not the fault of the politicians’, it is the fault of the people not involved in politics. Everyone has a voice. Everyone needs to use their voice, so no others are silenced due to senseless acts of violence. Vote, protest, march, speak and scream: BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS IN 2018!