ARHS Saves the Cow

Students and faculty at Ashley Ridge High School raise 3,000 dollars in order to help save a cow.

Jaylin Gil

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Ashley Ridge High School provides an Agriculture class in which students can practice animal, environmental, and habitat maintenance. The agricultural students and teachers had already been caring for chickens, pigs, and goats when decided to add some additions; a calf and two other steers.

Many students throughout the school were wondering what the program was originally planning on doing with the cow, when asked, Mr. Gibson, one of the Agriculture teachers, stated “Honestly, the calf was purchased with this fundraiser in mind; however, we knew that if the fundraiser was not successful we could raise the calf and then sell him to replace and potentially raise some money.”

While being interviewed, the other Agriculture teacher, Ms. Attaway said “For National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Week, it was decided by the FFA officers and advisers that we would have a ‘Save the Cow’ fundraiser. The idea came to fruition because of the backlash we received from our purchase of a Jersey steer in the fall, whose purpose is to be a part of our Farm to Fork meal next fall. Once people heard our intentions, there were apparent petitions circulating around the school. However, Gibson nor I ever saw these petitions. We saw the ‘Save the Cow’ fundraiser as an opportunity to let students have an opinion/say so for what we did with this particular calf. If we raised the money-awesome, he’s saved! If we didn’t, then we would have kept him as long as necessary before we sold him.”

Wondering what part the principal of ARHS, Mrs. Radcliffe had in this, the Agriculture teachers were asked what Mrs. Radcliffe’s response was when she heard about the fundraiser. Mr. Gibson stated “If you don’t know, Mrs Radcliffe is an animal lover for sure!  She visits with the goats, cows and pig every day and sometimes multiple times a day. She has a high stress job keeping all of us straight, and I believe that the animals help her ‘de-stress’ from time to time. As for the cow specifically, she saw the financial and educational benefits to this and was on board without any issue!  Her support and willingness to let us do crazy things like ‘save a cow’ are what have helped grow our program to be so big in just 6 years.” Mrs. Radcliffe had a big impact on the large amount of money that was raised for this cow.

An often asked question when the fundraiser was taking place was, “What will the 3,000 dollars that students of ARHS donated be used on and how will this benefit the calf?” Gibson answered “Job 1 is to build him a new pasture, we needed more pasture space and this money will go to help with that. Job 2: we purchased some mobile fencing to take with us any place he goes to meet people. This will keep him safe and give him an area of his own when he isn’t ‘working’ the crowd. Job 3: food. Animals eat a lot of food and some of this money will make sure that he and his pasture mates are happy, healthy and full!”

Knowing that the money donated by hundreds of students and faculty has saved the cow has made everyone at Ashley Ridge High extremely happy.

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