Feature: Student Teacher-Shelby Wayne


Sophia Dingmon

Here at Ashley Ridge, we open our arms for new students and faculty. Shelby Wayne, a senior at Clemson University, has been welcomed to student-teach agriculture (Ag.) alongside Ms. Attaway and Coach Gibson. She will be here until April 27th.

Wayne grew up on a turkey farm and her family’s love and appreciation for the agriculture industry has allowed her to want to become an Ag. teacher.  “My high school had an Ag. Program and I just fell in love with it…I was very involved with FFA (Future Farmers of America) and I was state officer in my senior year of high school, so I think spending that year with the FFA made me decide I want to teach.”

Ashley Ridge is huge compared to Wayne’s small high school, who’s graduating class consisted of 60 students. It’s a very different atmosphere than what she’s used to, but she still enjoys it. Wayne says, “…I really like the working program here…It feels like Ashley Ridge is a great place to work and teach.” Casey Anne Attaway, one of Ashley Ridge’s agriculture teachers, encourages Wayne. “She does really well working with students. She’ll be a great agriculture teacher in the future.”

Attending Clemson helped Shelby Wayne with her career goals. According to Wayne, the Ag. program and Animal and Veterinary Science classes had taken her to a farm and taught her how to tag pig’s ears and birth baby sheep. Wayne says, “Being at Clemson gave me a little bit of everything that I might be able to teach and a solid foundation for whatever my teaching position is.”

Not only does Wayne want to teach agriculture mechanics but wants to teach students how to educate themselves and respect others. “I want to teach them to just be able to determine what information is biased or false and what information is correct,” Wayne says. Shelby Wayne tries to live her life by showing kindness. She says, “You don’t have to be their best friend, but you do have to show them kindness and respect. Everyone has times where they get frustrated and have an off-day. Everyone has moments of weakness, but they all deserve opportunities for kindness.”