Love, Simon is Not Just a Movie, it is an Inspiration

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Love, Simon, directed by Greg Berlanti, is a revolutionary movie that deserves praise from everyone. It is a heart wrenching film that sends viewers on a trainwreck of emotions, both joyful and depressing. Berlanti, along with the help of producers Wyck Godfrey, Pouya Shabazian, Isaac Klausner, and Marty Bowen, creates a spectacular tale that leaves viewers craving for more. It is the epitome of a well-written movie with a wonderful plotline and outstanding character development.

Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) is a closeted gay student at his school. It’s his senior year and after high school, he plans to go to a college where being gay is accepted. His whole life has been normal: his parents love each other, he gets along with his sister, he and his friends drink too much iced coffee. His world couldn’t more simple.

This is turned upside down when a man under the name of Blue posts to a popular blog about being homosexual. Intrigued, Simon messages Blue under the name Jacques and they begin to email back and forth. As they grow closer, Simon begins to wonder who Blue is. He starts to see small signs in multiple guys that lead him to believe they are Blue, only for Simon to be dejected when he finds out they aren’t.

Martin Addison (Logan Miller) is more or less a friend of Simon’s with a huge crush on Abby Suso (Alexandra Shipp). However, it’s clear to see that Abby is not interested in him, but this doesn’t stop Martin. When Simon makes the fatal mistake of leaving his email open on the school library computer, Martin discovers his emails.

He uses this to his advantage and blackmails Simon, saying that he must set him up with Abby or he will expose the emails to the entire school. Desperate to keep his sexuality a secret, Simon agrees to the deceptive plan and can only helplessly watch as his entire life spirals out of control.

By far, Love, Simon is an amazing movie with outstanding actors. In the words of Cassidy Drunson, a freshman at Fort Dorchester High School, “It’s such a revolutionary movie that you need to watch it.” There were no issues with the acting and Robinson did such an amazing job of playing Simon. Drunson goes on to say, “Nick Robinson was spot on, he’s amazing. I felt like I was watching a documentary, the acting was so perfect.”

Perhaps the best part of Love, Simon was how they portrayed the LGBT+ community. They advertised the movie as mainstream rather than something that is taboo because it revolves around a homosexual character. It may be one of the first movies to be as publicized as it was, people were getting excited in November months before the movie’s release. Drunson says, “I liked that I could see a commercial for Love, Simon on any TV channel rather than just a few.”

She continues on by saying, “LGBT+ people are finally getting the recognition they need. For a movie to be about a gay kid finding himself is so amazing. It wasn’t the best [portrayal of the LGBT+ community], but for 2018 terms, we needed a movie like Love, Simon.

The character development is astounding. Every character went through some change, no matter how static they were. Leah and Abby, though friends, are not extremely close in the beginning; you can tell Leah is holding something back. As the movie progresses, though, you can see the two girls start to come together to be there for Simon.

However, to every amazing movie, there are some downsides. Even so, it’s hard to pick out what was wrong with Love, Simon. They could have done a better job of sticking to the book, Simon vs. the Homosapien Agenda. For example, Simon has an older sister that was never even mentioned in the movie. There are a few details left out, but other than this, the movie is wonderful.

Love, Simon is a beautiful movie and it’s not a waste of money to go see it. As Drunson says, “If you’re having second thoughts about seeing this movie, go see it. If you don’t like it, you wasted ten dollars. You can make it back up. If you love it, then you have a new favorite.” Guaranteed, this movie will send you on a roller coaster of emotions you’ve never felt before.