March Madness: Don’t break the bracket!

Who will be this years winner?

March Madness: Don't break the bracket!

It’s that time of year everyone! It’s March Madness! Your favorite college basketball teams are going head to head to win the title of NCAA champions. Each team that made it to the tournament worked hard to show how they ball. Some fans believe that their team will be the winners while others beg to differ.

“My team, Duke, is nine times out of ten going to take over the championship,” says Blue Devils super fan, Zoe Gaspari, “I mean, do you not see how hard they worked this year?”

Teams such as Duke won the tournament previously before but certain fans believe newcomers are about to take the throne. “Loyola has had the best season this year. No doubt they don’t have this one in the bag,” says junior, Tiffany Williams.

Although many teams are working hard to recieve the title, fans are working harder. With the brackets that millions of fans came up with, only a handful will predict the winning team.

This year NCAA brought the oddest teams together but the question really is: Who’s going to take home the title?

Don’t let your bracket break!