Can Snapchat Snapback from the Update?


Last november many snapchat users were upset to wake up and find their snapchat app changed to a new unfamiliar version without wanting it. The update was released with the intention of making the app easier to use, but many users say it does the complete opposite. Snapchat itself has released an official statement saying  “Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in,” leaving many loyal Snapchat users unsatisfied.

The update mixes together friends messages and stories on the left side of the app, and also mixes publishers content and celebrities stories on the right side of the app.  Ashley Ridge Senior Bo Carter uses Snapchat daily, and has a Snap Score nearing 300,000. When asked how he felt about the update he said “The story system is now totally wack. It’s completely inconvenient. You always have to look up people’s names to find their stories.”

Fans have made multiple attempts to make snapchat remove the update. A petition on to change snapchat back has reached over 1 million signatures to change snapchat back. Almost all of the reviews for the new update have been negative and begging for change; 83% at its peak. Kylie Jenner  even posted a tweet criticizing the update causing snapchat to lose more than $1.3 billion in value. Ashley Ridge senior Regan Thomas added “It’s sad when the same company you’ve been supporting for years doesn’t care about your opinion.”

Despite popular demand Snapchat is not changing it’s view on the update, and believe that in the long run it’ll be a smarter business decision to keep it. Snapchat plans on keeping the update making it easier for older and less tech savvy consumers to use, but doing this might end up pushing away it’s main audience away. Snap Inc is looking for the happy medium between hip and accessible, but this had proven to be difficult to do without alienating a section of users.

On February 20th Snapchat announced that it would be releasing new updates and features in the oncoming weeks to fix some of issues with the redesign. Many speculators believe that this includes a new tab feature to better organize stories and friends. They also announced their partnering with GIPHY to make easy and accessible use of Gifs a common thing on the app. All Snapchat updates are released early on android products, so iPhone users will have to wait longer for these fixes.