Coach McCawley and the ARHS tennis team

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Coach McCawley and the ARHS tennis team

Jaylin Gil

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    During the 2018 Fall Boy’s Tennis season, players experienced practicing with a new coach, named Mr. McCawley.

    McCawley has played tennis himself for almost eleven or twelve years and has loved the sport since the beginning. When he was younger, he never envisioned himself coaching the sport when looking toward the future. His love and passion for the sport are what encouraged him to coach.

    Although this is his first time teaching a boy’s high school team, he is very happy with the outcome of past matches the team has played and enjoys coaching this team very much.

    Mr. McCawley said that most of the players on the team are beginners and this is their first experience with tennis. However, he sees great potential and promises for the team to grow in years to come and can already see improvement in the boys’ performance.

    He sees this improvement because of the hard work and dedication the team puts in. The boys have practice on Monday’s-Thursday’s and work on various techniques. This includes focusing on the actual rules of the game and technique of shots for the beginners and strategy/shot selection for players who have been playing for a bit longer.

    McCawley also said that the game of tennis is eighty percent mental. Because of this, he makes it a priority that the boys prepare mentally for matches so their heads are in the game.

    With all of the hard work the team has put in, Coach hopes they can make it to playoffs and even further this season.