IT’S NEON: The Spring Pep Rally


Gracie Youngerman

Pep rallies are a normal occurance here at Ashley Ridge. We celebrate our sports winnings, arts achievements, fundraisers, and the start of new seasons. It has come time for our annual spring pep rally, and you can feel the excitement of the student body in the air.

Through out this school year we have suffered many losses of our fellow foxes and we as a student body have come together to support each other. We have grieved and mourned our fallen members, but now we come together in celebration. We will celebrate the starting of spring sports, the closure of another school year, and say a “Goodbye and Good Luck” to our graduating class.

In preparation for the main event at the end of the week, we kicked all off with spirit week. Our themes range from Wayback Wednesday to Disney Vs. Nickelodeon. These daily themes are a way for the student body to join together and have fun. During this week you can see the school spirit around every corner.

We interviewed a member of the color guard who is an active spirit week participant and asked about her opinion on pep rallies. “I believe pep rallies are purely for fun. I think that they benefit the student’s minds and give them a chance to just watch and see what else is happening in the school.”

Later in the interview we asked her opinion on spirit week and the neon pep rally theme. “I feel like neon is used a bit too often…But it’s a lot of fun to go all out for spirit week.”

Here at AR, spirit week and pep rallies are a way of bringing us all together to enjoy high school. Through out all of the school member’s hard work, students and teachers alike, its nice to take time to celebrate the little things in life. For instance, a neon themed pep rally.