Young Yodeller makes his way to coachella!


Mason Ramsey (Yodelling boy) and DJ Whethan on stage at Coachella

Tyler Harbert

Every month, every week, and sometimes everyday, we see a new face take the internet and media by storm. In the past two weeks, a young boy named Mason Ramsey, was videoed yodeling in his local Walmart and has become a star. He may only be 11 years old, but he is capturing the hearts of people of all ages.

In southern Illinois just over two weeks ago, Ramsey stepped up and began to show off his musical talent. He began to yodel at the end of one of the aisles then, a crowd began to gather and record the soon to be young star on their phones. Within a few hours, he was popping up on social media all over the world, which how Bailey Starrett saw him.

Starrett is a senior here at Ashley Ridge and he is a frequent user of social media and said that he had first saw Ramsey and the video on one of his friends snap story. When asked about why he believed Ramsey became so popular so quick he said “ the video was very unexpected and there wasn’t much set-up to it which is what made it so funny and catchy”. Starrett also discussed that it was really cool that Ramsey was able to make his way from a small Walmart in Southern Illinois to one of the largest music venues in the world (Coachella).

Coachella is a arts and music festival that takes place in Indio, California every year in April. It displays popular singers and songwriters from all over the world in a two weekend event that has been taking place since 1999. The headline names and lineup for the event this year that would be performing were Beyonce, Migos, Post Malone, and The Weekend.

There were many other celebrities who were also in attendance but did not perform, such as Justin Bieber. Justin met with the young star Ramsey at Coachella and even snapped a selfie before Ramsey met with more fans. After meeting with fans and taking some more pics, Ramsey made his way to the stage for his performance and next step towards more fame.

He took the stage the with DJ Whethan and as soon as he stepped on the stage, the crowded began to cheer and support him. He sang the same song from the video of him in Walmart, and it was his own rendition of Hank William’s “Lovesick Blues”. Ramsey has made it very clear in interviews that Williams is his idol and he has modeled his performances and singing around him.

Though some people may laugh at Ramsey for his style of singing, still many children, teenagers, and adults support the young star because his dream is coming true. Ramsey has made it was to the top of social media and right now is one of the most well know children especially in the music industry. He will continue to yodel and try to further his career and continue to make a small dream a reality.