ARHS Students Signed to Colleges

Kyle Tierney in a game against Summerville High School. Credit:

Since November, Ashley Ridge seniors have been getting signed to colleges everywhere. After working hard all year, it’s finally paying off for them.

Alison Hill, the Athletics secretary at Ashley Ridge, elaborates more on what signing is, saying, “when someone gets signed, they receive a national letter of intent and are offered a scholarship to play a sport at college level.” This honor is only offered to seniors.

Schools start signing in November, but they do it two other times in the year: during February and during April. This year, 20 students were signed. These include: Will Aiken, signed for wrestling; Julian Sidletsky, signed for soccer; Katie Torgerson, signed for volleyball; and Emily Kifer, signed for soccer. These are only a few of the many talented students.

Most of the signings were for football, but there were also students being signed for baseball, cross country, volleyball, basketball, track, golf, swimming, and wrestling. One person was even signed for fishing. These students will be heading to colleges like Newberry, Lander, the University of South Carolina, Erskine, Limestone, and Methodist.

Of the 20 students that were signed, Kyle Tierney is being signed to Newberry College for basketball.

He went to Newberry for a workout and right after, the coach shook his hand and offered him a full scholarship. Tierney says, “I felt so relieved because I have been working so hard for a scholarship and I finally got it.” It was a huge weight off his shoulder.

His parents came up with him to the workout and when he told them, his mother started bawling and his dad couldn’t stop smiling. “It’s a different feeling telling your parents you finally made it.”

When Tierney told his coach, he originally thought that his player was joking. When the coach realized he was being serious, he was very proud and couldn’t stop smiling. Tierney’s coach pushed him very hard and has always been there for him. Through all of it, even the yelling, he made him a better person and player.

Tierney’s success didn’t get handed to him, though. He worked hard and played basketball all four years of high school, plus JV in eighth grade. He says, “I played every sport as a kid, but basketball was the one I had the most fun with and I was the most comfortable with.” He was good at it, so he stuck with it.

Newberry was one of the colleges Tierney wanted to play for. “They played just how I wanted a team to … of course, everyone wants to go to a big-name college, but Newberry was the best option for me.”

Going to Newberry will be hard, especially when it comes to balancing school and sports. He was lucky to be able to develop good study habits in high school, but Newberry is tough and requires a lot physically and educationally. He has to get up to 300 games shots every day, not to mention go to workouts and watch films. However, he is prepared for the hard work.

Just like the 19 other students that were signed, Tierney has worked hard to get where he is now. It paid off and now his future is lined up for him. The Ridge sends a huge congratulations to everyone who managed to get signed.