Are Extracurricular Activities Worth Joining?

Liberty Mothershead

Lots of students wonder if extracurricular activities are worth joining.

“I’m not involved with any activities involving the school, but should I be? Do they benefit me later in life?”

Doing things around the school can provide a multitude of benefits for your academic and even social life. It can help you learn vocational skills to use in your career or field of interest, especially academic clubs and Honors societies. Being a part of the club and experience can teach you to voice your opinions in a polite way and get your intended messages across to a wide variety of people.

As for social clubs and sports, they can greatly impact your social life. Consider this: you go to the same high school for four years with the same people and faculty; It’s like a small little community. You can use clubs and sports as a way to develop relationships with the people you will spend the majority of your time with during these years.

Any activity that allows you to work with other people will be worth the hard work and loyalty. It helps you further develop communication skills and see how different people interact and work together. There are many applicable skills that can be learned through clubs that colleges will love to see on your application!

There are many different activities and clubs to join at Ashley Ridge, and they will all benefit you. I strongly recommend joining something you’re interested in, whether it be academic or athletic. They all teach important skills that will follow you for the rest of your life.