Clubs Provide Opportunities for Students


Sophia Dingmon

Here at Ashley Ridge (AR), our teachers love to get students involved and enthusiastic about the new school year. But how do teachers get a bunch of exhausted teenagers to get excited about school? Clubs!

There’s such a variety of clubs to choose from and every student can be a part of something that will make their year great. Being in a club gives a student a lot of opportunities: meeting new people with the same interest as them, being able to speak comfortably about what they love or believe in, gaining leadership skills, and expanding their resume for their future employments.

A club fair was held on September 5th. If you didn’t get to attend, or didn’t see the club you wanted to join, it’s not too late! You can find a list of the clubs with their respective leaders below:

  1. Anime Club
    • Blakely
  2. AR Cares
    • Gilbert
  3. Archery Club
    • Fritz
  4. Beta Club
    • Graves and Craig
  5. Book Club
    • J. Traeger, L. Spivey, and D. Moran
  6. Chess Club
    • K. Robinson
  7. Debate Club
    • McCargar
  8. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
    • M. Weaver and Beckman
  9. Fit Foxes
    • K. Moses and N. Johnson
  10. Future Business Leaders of America
    • M. Edwards and M. Blacklocke
  11. Future Farmers of America (FFA)
    • B. Gibson and C. Attaway
  12. Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA): Future Health Professionals
    • S. Elwood, H. Beckman, M. Wheeler, and B. Williams
  13. Math Quest Team
    • K. Johnson
  14. Model United Nations Team
    • S. McCawley
  15. Ping Pong Club
    • C. Williams
  16. Relay for Life
    • P. Kuhl
  17. Safe Spaces
    • Hendershott and George
  18. Science Quest Club
    • L. Jutzeler and D. Reeder
  19. Senior Club
    • K. Emery
  20. Social Studies Quest Team
    • V. Merritt
  21. Table Top Gaming Club
    • N. Dodds
  22. Team 3486 First Robotics Club
    • M. Mussatti
  23. The Black History Club
    • A. Ward
  24. The Ultimate Frisbee Club
    • S. McCawley
  25. Wellness Club
    • K. Harris
  26. Yearbook Club
    • S. Henderson