Fall Fashion


Zoe Orechwa, Contributor

Students are ready for fall, and they’re especially ready to save big and get the best looks for this upcoming season. Teens want to be comfortable, stylish, laid-back, and put-together. Distressed and repaired jeans, comfortable t-shirts, and high top Vans do just that. A casual outfit for corn mazes, haunted houses, and walking in pumpkins patches is perfect.

Anchor the outfit with a comfortable, casual t-shirt from NatureBacks or Patagonia.  These shirts look great and stand up to the beating that high school students give them. Maybe a student is camped out, stayed up all night studying, or woke up super-early. Regardless, they may be tired, but their style sure isn’t.

Whether a student likes light or dark, ripped or not, American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) has jeans that will make anyone feel good in anything. Their jeans are stretchy and flexible so it’s possible to run around a corn maze or be chased by ghosts. Also, AEO’s latest styles are dress-code friendly and cute; All the great looks with no dress-code violations.

Girls and guys can add to the look with either Vans or Sperry Topsiders. These shoes are a classic look for both men and women; They are well-made apparel that will last the entire school year.

There’s nothing wrong with girls wanting to complete their look with a cute accessory. Not only are Pura Vida bracelets cute, but by buying them, many causes believed in and loved are supported and funded.