Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Zoe Orechwa, Contributor

It’s Halloween and a friend invites you to a party last minute. It’s not a big deal, but then your friend says it’s a costume party. Now it’s a big deal. You don’t want to show up costume-less, but there’s not a lot of time to get a costume. But with these ideas, you won’t need a lot of time or effort. Most of these costume ideas can be pulled together with things you already have in your closet.

If you’re going to a party with a group of friends, throw together a super-cute and super-easy Scooby-Doo costume. All you need is some duct tape to write “Mystery Machine” on the family van and casual clothes with colored neckerchiefs. Another group costume idea is Snow White and the seven dwarfs. All you need is seven friends with different colored shirts, 7 pieces of paper cut into circles with the names of the Dwarfs written on them, and add a girl with a red bow on her head. The whole costume takes about 10 minutes to pull together, but it looks great.

Show the world that you and your best friend were meant to be together with this adorable peanut butter and jelly costume! You’ll need a purple shirt, a brown shirt, and white knee socks. Whether you order or make the shirts, this will be a costume people will be totally “jelly” about. Another costume for you and a partner is lightning. You’ll need a  ripped up white shirt and a torn umbrella. The other person will need cardboard cut as lighting with a hole cut for the head. Then your costume is complete.

If you’re going alone, choosing a solo costume is just as simple. All you need is a lot “Hello” name tags with different names. Stick them to the shirt and now, you’re an identity thief.

These costumes are cute, simple, and only take a few minutes to put together, but the memories you make in these will last a lifetime.