Fall Fishing

Why you should grab a reel!


Zoe Orechwa, Contributor

It’s no secret that here in the south, fishing is a popular outdoor hobby. Ashley Ridge’s (AR) students love fishing; It’s a brain break and a way to relax. They say their minds are taken off of everything and they can simply fish and have fun.

AR freshman, Olivia Barkasy, gave some tips for starting out, “Patience is key. It’s called fishing, not catching. Start with an inexpensive rod and reel – you don’t need expensive equipment to catch big fish, but don’t expect to catch a 10-pounder on your first cast. It’ll take a while, but that’s what’s great.”

AR sophomore, Jacob Vandell, shares his favorite fishing quote that encourages him to have patience: “Keep fishing; Never stop.”

“Don’t worry about being like everyone else with expensive gear. You don’t need the best gear – everything will catch a fish,” explained Ben McCoy, also a freshman at ARHS, “Bring five or six exceptional jigs, spoons or crankbaits depending on the species you are targeting. Also, bring floats, a few hooks, and weights so you can fish with bait that is alive, too.”

Barkasy, Vandell, and McCoy all agree that AR students would love fishing and they encourage students to relax on the water and try something new this fall. Barkasy says, “Just don’t forget to have fun!”