Emmys Proposal Shocks Nation


Credit: https://www.tvinsider.com/716850/emmys-2018-proposal-glenn-weiss/

Sierra Wilson, Editor

On Monday September 17, director Glenn Weiss proposed to his girlfriend, Jan Svendsen, after receiving an award for Outstanding Directory for a Variety Special. As the first person to propose at the Emmys, his announcement shocked the audience and the millions of people watching the awards show.

In his speech, Weiss mentioned his late mother who passed away two weeks before the awards. He then went on to say to Svendsen, “You wonder why I don’t like to call you my girlfriend? Because I want to call you my wife,” and proposed to her with his late mother’s ring.

From an article by USA Today, Twitter was through the roof about it. Tweets include, “STRAIGHT PEOPLE WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!” by @billyeichner, “OMG! Best speech ever!” by @AbbeyDavy, and “Glenn Weiss just made #emmys history, taking home the Emmy and a fiancé!” by @luv4tomford.

However, they weren’t the only people that were surprised. According to an article by KTXS, Weiss’s two daughters, age 21 and 17, were also thrown off guard. Weiss never informed them about the proposal and it threw them for a loop.

A source from Page Six says, “He could have been a man and gone to them first and said, ‘Hey, I’m planning on doing this. I didn’t want you to be surprised.” The source went on to say, “He’s coming across as this great romantic hero, but it’s pretty thoughtless.”

While most of the nation was thrilled to see Weiss’s proposal, the director has also received criticism for his actions. In an article by Page Six, Weiss is “known as an unforgiving stickler when it comes to keeping acceptance speeches to the allotted 45 seconds.” His speech came in at “just under three minutes.” To many Broadway types, his speech was hypocritical and would have been better off being done in private.

Though Weiss’s actions have received some backlash, there’s no denying that what he did was adorable and a refreshing addition to the Emmys. Congratulations to him and his new fiancé!