See You at the Pole? See you there!

See You at the Pole? See you there!

Sophia Dingmon, Journalist, Editor

See You at the Pole is a yearly event where Christian students meet at the flagpole early in the morning to worship, pray, and read scripture. It happens the fourth Wednesday of September; This year, it fell on the 26th.

Here at Ashley Ridge, our Fellow Christian Athlete club (FCA), led it. A student played the guitar and led worship using songs like “What A Beautiful Name” and “Rooftops”. The group of Christian students joined in praise. The leader of FCA stated during a prayer, “God, I can feel your presence here…”

See You at the Pole consisted of many students holding hands and taking turns praying. Once they went around the circle, they broke off into groups and prayed again for courage, strength, boldness, and anything the students were struggling with in their lives.

The FCA states and encourages students of faith and love for Christ to join them every other Friday starting October 12th in Coach Weaver’s room, C209.