Twenty One Pilots’ Trench Blows Fans Away

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Credit:

Sierra Wilson, Editor

Fans of Twenty One Pilots have been anxiously waiting for the release of their new album, Trench. In preparation for the album, Twenty One Pilots released a few songs, including but not limited to Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners, and Levitate. On Friday, October 5th, at midnight, the band finally released the album.

Without being biased as a die-hard fan, the album is amazing, beautiful even. There are no words to describe the roller coaster of emotions that are felt while listening to it. For people that have been fans of Twenty One Pilots since the beginning, the album hit close to home.

Though all of the songs are nothing short of superb, there are a few that particularly stand out. For example, Leave the City and Levitate are some personal favorites.

Levitate, like many of the songs, has a dark and chilling vibe. The beginning beat is catchy and leaves you wanting to hear more. In a way, especially at the end of the song, it sounds like music one would hear in a creepy jungle.

It might be about how Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, has learned how to be strong and rise up. Certain lyrics like “ever since the seventh grade I’ve learned how to fire breathe…” and “don’t let the shadow through,” lead listeners to believe that he’s reached a point in his life where he’s learned how to defend himself. Maybe he’s telling his fans to do the same by saying, “you can learn to levitate with just a little help.”

When you take into consideration the meaning of the entire album, Leave the City begins to make more sense. In an interview with Music Feeds, Joseph explains the meaning of Trench. The article says, “Trench represents feeling ‘the need to escape’ and ‘being in between two places.'”

In the album, Trench is an uncharted world and underneath it is Dema, a city Joseph is from. “… In this narrative … I feel the need to escape, to leave, and more than anything the record represents that feeling.” Joseph goes on to say “When you’re traveling inside of Trench it’s similar to being in between two place, whether that’s in between jobs or in between school or in between seasons of life; something that I think a lot of people can relate to. So, the narrative is really trying to describe some of the emotions that some people could come to feel as they travel through their own journey.”

With this thought in mind, Leave the City, which sounds incredibly sad and beautiful, is easier to understanding. Joseph is torn between two worlds, one of which he wants to leave. One lyric says, “I’m tired of tending to this fire. I’ve used up all I’ve collected.” Another says, “In time, I will leave the city. For now, I will stay alive.”

Joseph is exhausted from fighting and being torn between two different worlds and one day, he’ll leave Dema. Overall, Leave the City, will make your heart ache. A wave of emotions will crash over you and you’ll struggle to break the surface, but the song is so great that the pain is worth it.

Without a story line, Trench is still an amazing article. However, when you follow the narrative, all the songs suddenly have a whole new meaning. It makes you understand Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun more, especially since many of their albums are formed around them and their feelings.

Twenty One Pilots blew fans out of the water with their new album and though the wait was painfully long and grueling, it was well worth it. Trench is the kind of album you could listen to on repeat for hours and never grow bored of it. It is highly recommended that you take the time to listen to it; you won’t regret it.