Brockhampton: Iridescence Review

Sophia Dingmon, Journalist, Editor

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Brockhampton, a musical band that came out in 2015, consists of artists Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon, Rodney Tenor, Merlyn Wood, Ciaran “bearface” McDonald, Matt Champion, and Russell Boring.

Brockhampton is a modern experimental group, combining multiple riffs, rhythms, instruments, and their vocals to create a type of music that can be enjoyed by a variety of people.

On September 21, 2018, Brockhampton released their 4th album called Iridescence. As of October 2nd, it’s No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart.

The songs that stand out are “San Marcos”, “Tonya”, “Thug Life”, and “District.” These songs have more vocals than the others, but continue to follow the pattern of the album by having a repetitive beat and rap. “San Marcos” and “Tonya” have impressive vocal combinations, going from high notes to low notes to show the range that’s easily accessible to the singers. “Thug Life” and “District” were vocally impressive, but also stood out musically. Drums, vocals, and string instruments combine to create a song that fills the listener with energy and positivity.

The songs that weren’t favored as much as others are “Tape,” “Berlin,” and “Something About Him”. They weren’t as effective when it came to the listener feeling emotions. As the others made the listener feel something, “Tape” and “Berlin” were close to ‘noise-filled’ instead of ‘music filled,’ but the opinion depends on the listener’s definition of music. “Something About Him” was too repetitive and uselessly long in time.

Overall, the album earns a 3.5/5 star rating. The songs include some profane language, and explicit subjects. The album time is about 49 minutes.