Online Catastrophes

Online Catastrophes

The stores always say the item will come in 15-30 days. The shirt looks absolutely fantastic on the model as well, and it only costs five dollars. Don’t let these amazing coincidences fool you. The shipment could take a month or the shirt might be just an inexpensive knock-off that falls apart.

Slow shipping is usually the main problem with the most stores. To avoid this you should probably avoid non-advertised stores, especially at Christmas. Sometimes stores have too many sales around Christmas and don’t make enough money to support their company.

Some people such as Hannah Abercombie, sophomore, or Lexa Mosby, freshman, are too afraid to order things online, because the things may be the wrong size. In order to avoid this as well, just look for a “size chart” to that sizes.

Another problem to look out for is ordering clothes in general. Yes, they might look fantastic on the model, but you have to make sure the company is real before ordering and seeing if they have a good return policy.

A couple tricks of the trade would include, sorting through the clearance, checking other sites for a better price, and setting the setting bar too low too high in order to the best prices. Also, check for return policies, if they don’t have one it’s probably not a good idea to buy from there. So, shoppers beware of these frequent mishaps in the world of online shopping.