That Awkward Moment When: Your Parents Meet the Bae

That Awkward Moment When: Your Parents Meet the Bae

Bringing home a bad report card, running into a pole and tripping in public are all embarrassing and awkward; the most nervewracking and awkward moment can be between your bae and parents. Here are various instances where partners and parents have encountered.

Christina Dreuitt went to have dinner at her boyfriend’s house. her boyfriend’s mom was “dropping hints at dinner like “You know, this is my son’s favorite meal’” and offering them matching outfits.

Elizabeth Danner, English teacher at ARHS, first met a boyfriend’s parents in college wearing an antebellum dress.

Gracian Irvinn’s dad asked her boyfriend if he wanted a beer t
he first time they met as a joke.

Destiny Rivers was blown off by her ex-boyfriend because he began to talk about World of Warcraft with her mother.

Tye Carpenter met a boyfriend’s parents mother while she was breastfeeding.

Although these are only a few instances of awkward meetings there are many people who have to go through awkward meetings.