Supernatural Season 14 Premiere Falls Short

Michael-possessed Dean. Credit:

Sierra Wilson, Editor

Supernatural season 14, after a long wait, finally premiered October 11. There was a lot of hype for the new episode among longtime fans but, while some may disagree, it seems to come up short in quality.

The episode isn’t terrible; in fact, it’s enjoyable. There was a lot of drama from season 13 that continues into 14 and makes fan chew on their nails in anticipation. It’s exciting, but it seems to fall short compared to other seasons.

The episode focuses a lot on the emotional pain the characters are going through. Everyone is distraught over the sudden disappearance of Michael-possessed Dean and this shows especially in Sam, who hasn’t slept and won’t keep up with his appearance. All he can think about is his brother and it’s obvious he’s losing hope.

For Castiel, he’s willing to go as far as contacting a demon just to get information on Dean. This, of course, doesn’t go well, but the Destiel innuendo the writers slipped in makes up for the disappointment viewers feel at the dead end.

This scene is where the first mistake comes in. In the fight scene, there were too many dramatic effects. The repetitive slow motion was distracting and took away from what was supposed to be a nail biting scene. The producers were trying to make the fight scene more intriguing, but it didn’t work as well as it should have.

However, the situation with Jack is interesting and tugs at the heartstrings of fans. After losing his powers in Season 13, Jack has to learn how to be human and fight with weapons. During the fight scene, he doesn’t do well and it affects him emotionally.

He’s at a point where he feels incredibly helpless. He’s furious because he couldn’t kill the demons with a snap of his fingers like he used to. He feels like it’s his fault everything is going south.

Besides the emotional roller coaster of the episode, there is a nice plot line to the new season. Michael-possessed Dean is on a mission to cleanse the world of sin and create one that’s better. He repeatedly asks the question, “What do you want?” which determines whether his victim lives or not.

Jensen Ackles does a great job of playing the new version of Dean, though some scenes are cringe-worthy. Maybe it’s because Ackles has never really played a different version of Dean, besides Demon Dean, and it’s something we have to get used to. It’s different, but not totally dislikable.

Overall, the episode was good, but it wasn’t mind-blowing. It left viewers on the edge of their seats, but more could have been done to make it better. The episode is definitely worth watching; even though some things can be improved, the plot makes up for everything. For die hard fans of Supernatural, they’re just happy the wait is over.