Rihanna and Others Decline the Super Bowl Halftime Performance

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Recently, there have been rumors going around that Rihanna will not be performing at next year’s super bowl, on February 2, in a stance with players and Colin Kaepernick.

In recent years, there have been conflicts surrounding the celebrities used for the half time shows each year. In 2016, when Beyoncé performed her debut single, “Formation,” she gained many strong responses for her racial-justice aspects. The Super Bowl even tried to reach out to her husband, Jay-Z, but he declined. Later in one of his songs he stated, “I said no to super bowl: you need me, I don’t need you.”

Many celebrities are turning down the super bowl because of the NFL putting a cease to Colin Kaepernick’s career for kneeling during the national anthem at a game. Kaepernick believes that America oppresses African Americans and other people of color. He was kneeling in protest of recent police brutalities and shootings.

Maroon 5 is said to be the star performer for halftime, and this will be the band’s first performance at the super bowl. There have been rumors going around that Cardi B and Travis Scott will be accompanying them.