ARHS Homecoming of 2018


Sophia Dingmon, Editor

On October 25, 2018, Ashley Ridge had their Homecoming at the football stadium. Princesses and queens lined up at the field to be announced and seen in their sparkling dresses. They were each escorted by either their father, boyfriend, or brother.

Ashley Ridge went strong against Stall High School in the football game, but all sweat and play had to pause for the Homecoming candidates during halftime.

The girls awaited as the announcer called the winners:

Homecoming Queen: Destiny Brown

1st Queen Runner-up: Katie Freeman

2nd Queen Runner-up: Kendra Wilcher

3rd Queen Runner-up: Grace Nicklas

Junior Princess: Brooke Haverman

Sophomore Princess: Ellie Tucker

Freshman Princess: Destiny Asberry

There were many tears of joy and surprise as bouquets of roses and sashes were given to each winner.

The football game continued and Ashley Ridge beat Stall 66-10, but the football players were not the only ones who walked off the field with victory.