Goat Yoga in Summerville


photo creds: @summervillegoatyoga on instagram

Jessica Townsend, Editor

Goat Yoga services are up and rising all around the country, and you can even take part right here in Summerville!

Goat Yoga is exactly what the name suggests. Anyone who is a newbie to yoga, or nervous about trying it can come to Flowertown Charm to try out beginner poses while snuggling and playing with goats. Flowertown Charm says this is the “perfect combination for making you smile all while calming your soul.”

The class is led by Joe Vinciguerra, who has been a yoga instructor for six years. His helpers are three Nigerian Dwarf Goats, named Magnolia, Wisteria, and Cypress, or “Maggie, Wissie, and Cy.” This is a class open to people of all skill levels. Vinciguerra says, “Yoga can certainly be a serious practice for some people and that’s great, that’s fine, but goat yoga is just going to be all fun, all joy” (counton2).

Any participants interested in goat yoga must be ten years or older, and must bring their own mat/towel. Admission is $24.50.