The Best of Senior Spook


Aliyah Dearing, writer and editor

On Wednesday October 31st, Ashley Ridge held their annual Senior Spook in celebration of Halloween.

The senior-exclusive event took place during 2nd period and included jump castles, costume contests, a haunted maze, hayrides and much more.

There were two versions of the costume contest seniors could enter: individual and group costumes. 

Dressed as Coraline from the popular animated movie of the same name, Meg Panor won the individual contest. “It was a lot of fun, but a real struggle is I can’t see!” Panor explained. “It’s my first experience with special effects makeup, but it was a learning experience.”

Megan Panor

Two groups were picked for the group contest. One dressed up as prisoners and guards and the other dressed as characters from the movie Sandlot.

From left to right: Jackson Radcliffe, Ruthie Baggett, Chalmer Bruffey, Jennifer Benjock, Katie Freeman, and Sam Hargett.
Rachael Jonas and Hunter McMillan

The haunted maze was a fan favorite as well. Members of different school clubs were made up in different costumes and special effects makeup and worked the maze as “scarers”, whose jobs were exactly what they sound like: to scare maze-goers!

Walking through the maze, seniors were heard yelling and screaming as fellow AR students attempted to scare them, some even cutting through the maze to escape.

When asked about their time working the maze, fellow “scarers” Cassidy Farmer and Megan Welch (9th grade) said, “It’s fun, but there are some weird people.” Farmer simply stated, “It’s hot outside.”

Welch, Farmer

The seniors seemed to have fun, too! “The costume contest was really cute!” said Isabella Wagner. “It was so much fun. I loved it.”