Top 6 Studying Methods


Students and teachers around Ashley Ridge provided their favorite methods for studying. Here are some fun and easy methods to make studying easier.

1. The Gummy Bear Reward System
Place some gummy bears or small candy on a paragraph in a text book. As you read, pick up a piece of candy as a reward. 9th grader, Emma Sutton says, “Candy is motivation [but] it takes a lot of willpower not to eat the candy.”

2. Flash Cards
Flash Cards allow repetition and allow basic and essential information to be received. They are compact and portable which makes them easy to use for studying in everyday places. Flash Card apps are also available for free on mobile devices.

3. Short Bursts
English teacher Loren Mixon says, “Study for 20 minutes, then take five minute breaks.” Another way to do this is to study during commercials and take a break during shows.

4. Quizlet
Quizlet ( ) is a way to use an electronic source of studying. Quizlet allows you to make an account and access your cards on 5. Highlighting

5. Highlighters

Use colorful highlighters to attract your attention to main ideas and the most important information. Make sure not to highlight everything! This causes a visual connection to the material that you need for the upcoming quiz or test.
the website as well as the free app.

6. Written? Kitten!
Looking for a silly way to encourage yourself to write an essay? A website called: ( ) allows you to set a word goal and rewards you with a picture of a kitten.
These are some creative tips and ways to study and, hopefully, make school easier.