2 killed, 1 injured in Alief, Houston


"The second driver, in a white vehicle, had hit a brick wall and died."

Sophia Dingmon, Editor

On Sunday night in Alief, Houston, two vehicles shot at each other. One driver, in a SUV, was hit and subsequently died in the street. Police say the SUV left the scene with two to three others inside.

The second driver, in a white vehicle, hit a brick wall and died. Investigators say there may have been another man in the car, but he fled.

A 16-year-old bystander was hit in the leg and rushed to the hospital; He’s expected to recover.

Sean Overstreet, of the Houston Police Department’s homicide unit, says the teen could have possibly been an innocent bystander, “…just walking through the neighborhood, when the shooting happened, and got hit.”

The men involved in the Alief shooting were said to be around their late teens to early 20s.

A motive and a description of the SUV that left the scene is still being determined by investigators.