The College Football Championship’s Halftime Show did not Impress

Lead Singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds

Lead Singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds

Sophia Dingmon, Editor

Clemson and Alabama went head-to-head at the College Football Playoff national championship game on Monday night, January 7th. Halfway through, the rock band Imagine Dragons and rapper Lil Wayne performed. They gave it their all, but the viewers didn’t want any of it.

Imagine Dragons has won one Grammy and nine Billboard Music Awards; all four of the group’s albums have reached one of the top two spots on U.S. charts. Lil Wayne has won five Grammy awards out of twenty-six nominations. But with all these awards, they couldn’t earn the public’s approval.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter exploded, full of posts making fun of the performers. Not everyone was impressed with the vocals of Imagine Dragon’s lead singer, Dan Reynolds, and not everyone was in love with Lil Wayne’s rapping…or his outfit of choice.

Midway through Imagine Dragons’ performance, Lil Wayne joined Dan Reynolds on stage, quickly giving him a fist bump then skipping forward to meet the crowd. He wore a fluffy, over-sized, patterned coat with a black hat, finger-less gloves, and a long striped scarf. Lil Wayne also wore huge, sparkly sunglasses and shiny, red pants tucked into knee-high, furry black boots.

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“Who is that???? Why does she resemble a cross between E.T., the Hamburglar, and the pigeon lady from ‘Home Alone 2?’” one Twitter user asked.

One Facebook user commented, “A wise old man once said, ‘I could fart a better tune.'”