Down With the Wall


The Mexican border wall

Sierra Wilson, Editor

Since President Trump’s inauguration into office, his wall has been a topic of constant debate. Some are against it, saying it is far too expensive and not practical, while others think it is the perfect solution to the rise of immigration issues in the United States.

With the way things are going, Trump might very well be out of office before the waves settle and both sides reach an agreement. Regardless, the wall should not be built.

The most obvious of consequences is the expense it requires to build the wall. Currently, it is around seven billion dollars just to build it, but there is an estimated cost of 50 billion dollars that would be required to do lifetime maintenance ( Instead of building a wall, that money could go toward the United States’ education system.

In an article by The Washington Post, the funding for education in most states are either stagnant or have decreased. The money going toward the border wall could instead pay for better textbooks, more technology in schools, better environments in school, and even go toward teacher salaries, among other things.

Currently, the United States ranks an unimpressive 38 out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science (Pew Research). Who is to say that more money toward our education system will not help our scores rise?

The expense is not the only problem that arises with the building of the wall: it endangers wildlife. According to, animals continuously migrate through North and South America using the natural bridge of Central America. These species migrate for resources, reproduction, and seasonality. If the wall were to be built, they – including the 90 endangered species that use the bridge – would be cut off and pushed to the verge of extinction.

Not only this, but who is to say a border would stop immigration? Immigrants will find another way, whether that is by boat, plane, or any method they deem practical and successful. When facing an obstacle, it is natural to find a solution to the problem – and they will do just that.

Besides, the wall does not account for the immigrants that enter legally and do not leave. It is estimated that these people account for around half of undocumented immigration (

Though there are upsides to the wall, as there are in any debate, the negatives outweigh the positives. The wall is not worth the money or the issues that will arise after it is built. It is time to settle the debate: do not build the wall.