Facebook Bans White Supremacist Content

photo from facebook.com

photo from facebook.com

Jessica Townsend, Editor

On March 27, Facebook announced that it will block “praise, support, and representation of white nationalism and separatism.” Facebook says that after three months of consultation with civil rights groups, they could not find a “meaningful separation of white supremacy and organized hate groups” (bbc).

Facebook has particularly been put under pressure following the shooting at Christchurch mosque, which was livestreamed on the platform by the shooter himself. Before the shooting, he had made many posts about his hatred for muslims and immigrants.

From now on, when people try to search for offending terms, they will be taken to a charity page funded for combating white extremism called ‘Life After Hate.’ This charity was created by previous white supremacists who have since changed their views. Brian Fishman, Facebook’s Policy Director of Counterterrorism, says, “If people are exploring this movement, we want to connect them with folks that will be able to provide support offline. This is the kind of work that we think is part of a comprehensive program to take this sort of movement on” (thehill).