Hurricane Dorian Destroys Bahamas, Affects Canada



Hurricane Dorian destruction in the Bahamas.

Sierra Wilson, Writer/Editor

Hurricane Dorian only recently passed and in his wake, he left a trail of destruction.

In the Bahamas, the destruction was most severe. More than 70,000 people on the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands are homeless (CNN) and approximately 3,500 people were evacuated. As of Sunday, 44 bodies have been recovered.

What was once the beautiful Bahamas is nothing more than a pile of rubble. David Webb and his friends came to the Bahamas before the storm and stayed at a hotel in Treasure Cay. By the end of the storm, the sliding glass doors blew out and the ceiling came down, leaving the hotel in ruins (Miami Herald).

Wendell G. Dean II, a funeral director for almost 40 years, says, “The aerial shots and pictures shown in the media pale in comparison to what we’ve [found] here. It’s heart-wrenching,” (Miama Herald). There are still floodwaters, impassible roads, and debris everywhere, making search-and-rescue incredibly difficult.

Currently, the main priority is recovering people in need of medical help, not counting the bodies.

After leaving the United States, Dorian hit the Atlantic coast of Canada and knocked out the power for half a million people (CNN). Though the hurricane is gone, the damage it left behind – both physically and emotionally – might never vanish.