Hurricane Dorian in Charleston


Julie Beniash, Writer/Editor

If anyone asked you if you wanted a week off of school, would you say yes?  Last week the people of Charleston weren’t asked, they were forced.

Hurricane Dorian rolled in to South Carolina and destroyed many homes.  Many people in Charleston lost power for more than a day and all the roads were flooded.  Some students at Ashley Ridge discussed how they were impacted by the storm.

One student mentioned that he lost power for 29 hours.  He didn’t have a generator so they had to stay strong that long day.  He also said that there were some branches down, but his house wasn’t damaged.

Another student discussed how he lost power at 5:30 a.m. and was only out for six hours.  They had no trees down but there was a trampoline in the middle of the road.  He also talked about how he didn’t have any flooding.  He quoted, “I love to track the storms and see where they are going to land.”

In Dorchester County, there was about 26,000 people without power on Thursday.  Since then it has gone down but not by much.  The storm might be over, but now there is a lot of cleaning up to do.  Stay safe, Ashley Ridge, and always have open hands to help out after Dorian!