In Memory of Ms. Jenkins


Ms. Jenkins celebrating a birthday.

Sierra Wilson, Writer/Editor

On Sunday, Ashley Ridge High School lost one of the best. Meg Jenkins, a prevention and intervention guidance counselor, was killed by a speeding car while riding her bike down U.S. Highway 78.

Jenkins was an important link in the chain of Ashley Ridge and her passing has affected the entire school greatly. A dark cloud looms over the school, but even in a time of mourning, administrators have taken the time to remember the legacy she left behind.

Karen Radcliffe, principal of Ashley Ridge High School, says, “she was the girl who could take care of so many issues so many different ways and it was always about ‘how could she make kids successful?…’ so that they could have any option, any opportunity, to fulfill a goal or to be successful.”

Kyle Sellers, the guidance secretary at the school, says, “Meg was the type of person to make you be better. She encouraged, loved, cared for, and worked with her entire heart. Not a second goes by that I’m not grateful to have been blessed by her presence.”

Besides being involved in the school, Jenkins was active in other aspects of her life too, including training for triathlons and staying healthy. She was determined and used this when helping out her students to push them toward success. She was truly an angel and a blessing to be around.

Special Educations teacher Maridith Shaffer worked closely with Jenkins and says if she could say anything to her, she would say, “Thank you for being you. Thank you for always encouraging and motivating not only me, but also every single person you knew. I’m forever grateful for the friendship and the miles that we shared. You are such a beautiful soul and your words are always inspiring. I’m a better person because of you, the world is a better place because of you.”

From assistant principal Brooke Matthews, “Ms. Jenkins wore many hats at AR. She not only impacted students, but also her peers. She will be forever remembered for her positive attitude and her go-get-it mentality. I am a better person for knowing her.” One teacher claimed Jenkins to be Matthews’ right hand.

Radcliffe says, “There’s no replacing Meg Jenkins at Ashley Ridge. Quite frankly, I’m not even going to try to replace her. I just hope that we can live up to what she stood for. Our theme this year was ‘choose to be extraordinary,’ well, she was extraordinary. This year is for Mrs. Jenkins.”