A Letter to Coach Jenkins


Zoe Orechwa, Writer/Editor

Dear Coach Jenkins,

You have left us, but you are in a better place. It feels just like a movie, and the pain hurts so bad I don’t think it’s real. I feel like I will see you in the hall and on the track, screaming my name. Death is such a hard thing because you can never have that person back in your life again. You were the light of track and the most amazing coach. So kind and beautiful, but also this tiny, mighty woman. You always wanted the best for us. I’ll never forget you asking everyone what the best part of their day was and you never forgot. Also how you would tell me, “coin in the pocket, coin in the pocket” to make my running better. We lost you on September 8th, 2019, but on September 12th we were all brought together. We all said goodbye: counselors, family and your distance runners. We all talked about the amazing life you had and how you left a mark in this world. For the brief moment, I could look at your fare before I couldn’t stand it, you looked beautiful. You were an amazing human being who only saw the best in everyone. You have left such an impact on everyone you touched. Thank you for always helping us to be the very best student-athletes we could be. You taught us to appreciate our successes but to celebrate our failures because that is how you truly grow. You were the light of everyone’s life, the one everyone could depend on and we are all so lost without you. Losing you is by far one of the hardest things I have ever had to endure. We love you, Coach Jenkins, and you are dearly missed.


We’re running for you now,

Zoe Orechwa