Are Holidays Starting too Early?


Julie Beniash, Writer/Editor

It’s not even Oct. 1, and all the stores are full of Halloween decorations and big bags of candy.  Right above the Halloween things are boxes of Christmas decorations waiting for Oct. 31 so they can come down and be purchased.

Some people say these stores are starting way too early with their decorations.  When is it appropriate to start decorating for these holidays?  As everyone sees these decorations, does it make it okay to listen to Christmas music this early?

Thia Beniash states she starts Christmas decorating the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  She quoted, “The late evening on Thanksgiving is when I officially turn on my Trans Siberia Orchestra Christmas music.”  The question that was also brought up was, “If people listen to Christmas music too early, will that make them forget about Thanksgiving?”  She talks about how getting into the Christmas spirit too early will divert your focus.  She believes Thanksgiving is a time for family and shouldn’t be skipped over.

A student that works at Chick-fil-a, Jeffrey Spencer, talks about his opinion on starting the holidays too early.  He believes you shouldn’t start decorating for Halloween until October starts.  He says the same thing about Christmas decorating: either after Thanksgiving or beginning of December.  He quoted, “I listen to Christmas music all year long!”  He also stated, “No one can forget about Thanksgiving because it has all the hype and people LOVE food.”

Don’t skip some holidays by starting to celebrate others too early.  There is time for all the holidays!  Welcome to fall and all the beautiful holidays coming up.