Q&A with The Broom



There’s one thing sweeping the halls of Ashley Ridge, and it’s a broom.

At the AR vs. West Ashley game last Friday, a legend was born. Junior Zach Horton introduced the student body to “The Broom” that just might change our student section forever. We’re seeing mention of The Broom everywhere-from posters to announcements, from Mrs. Radcliffe and tweets.

The Ridge was lucky enough to get some answers directly from the broom’s handler.

Q: Tell me the back story of The Broom. How did it end up at the game?

A: Okay, well the broom got used by the clean up people from taking down half of the platform, and I found it laying there and decided to pick it up and use it for good luck, and it worked I guess.

Q:Where is The Broom currently?

A: It’s currently in my car.

Q: So will we see more from The Broom in the future?

A: For sure. Every game and it’s gonna be painted according to the themes.

Q: Do you think we owe our victory to The Broom?

A: I’d say 99% team 1% Broom


Be sure to follow @AR_Broom on Twitter and look for it at the next game!