Is the Democratic Party Doing too Much?

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Sierra Wilson, Writer/Editor

Since President Trump won the 2018 presidential elections, he’s been under constant fire from the Democratic Party. Not to say he doesn’t deserve some of the heat, but how much is too much? Between Russian conspiracy theories with the 2018 election and most recently, the phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, it seems the Democrats have been trying to take him out since day one.

There’s a term known as Peaceful Transition of Power in which the responsibilities of one president, whether the same party or a different one, are quietly transferred to the new president without any debacles. However, this ideal has been imperiled not only in President Trump’s election, but also Barack Obama’s and George W. Bush’s.

Peaceful Transition of Power can only be maintained if the majority of the people agree with, or at least tolerate, who has been elected for president. However, for President Trump, this was questioned at his inauguration when civil-rights hero John Lewis refused to attend, along with dozens of other colleagues.

Since then, the Democratic Party has been attacking the president in an attempt to get him impeached. Because of this, the Peaceful Transition of Power has been impossible to maintain. An attempt here and there is understandable, especially if they’re called for and backed up with hard evidence, but persistence for three years is exhausting and almost laughable.

Democrats aren’t bad people and just like everyone else, they’re entitled to their own opinions, but constantly throwing accusations and losing is causing people to lose respect for them. Even the Democrats themselves are divided. Strategist Neil Sroka says, “There is no confusion about what we Democrats are against. The only disagreement is what we’re for,” (Time).

Shouldn’t that be the most important question to answer? With nothing to fight for, how can the Democrats, or anyone for that matter, remain a united front? They need a task – a real one – that doesn’t involve taking down President Trump during his presidency.

If they really want to beat President Trump, they need to take him down in the 2020 election. Instead of holding on to their bitterness over their 2018 loss, they need to round up their forces and come back with a fire in their eyes.

The past is unchangeable, so leave your grievances behind and work toward the future.