How to Deal with a Breakup Around the Holidays


Julie Beniash, Writer/Editor

There is never a good time for a breakup, but the worst time is around the holidays. You and your significant other planned to do so much around these times.

When you break up with someone, it doesn’t only affect the two of you, but also friends and family. Everyone is affected because they become part of your family and vise versa. Imagine having plans to celebrate Halloween, to go to the fair together, and to the Holiday Festival of Lights, then not having someone to go with because you guys broke up right before.

Here are two tips on how to get through this with your friends and family. The first is to remember you aren’t alone. You don’t need that person, you have your friends you can do these activities with.

Second, make sure you are taking care of yourself. You and your friends can take the weekend to have sleepovers and have fun to get your mind off of it.

Some people talked about their experiences with this and how they got through it. Bethany McDevitt talks about how she would deal with this. She quotes, “I would go into a depression stage, but eventually be fine. I would continue to go to church knowing that things will get better.” She says how her parents would comfort her and make sure she’s okay.

Hunter Millar quoted, “It depends on how it ends, but I would spoil myself and spend the holidays with myself.” He said that his parents wouldn’t really care about it, but they would feel bad for him.

It is interesting getting views from a guy as well as a girl with this topic. Guys and girls grieve the same way when they are alone, but we can see that most guys are better at not showing it.