Coastal Carolina Fair


Julie Beniash, Writer/Editor

It is almost the time everyone has been waiting for: The Coastal Carolina Fair.  The fair starts on Halloween, Oct. 31st, and goes until Nov. 10th.  There are many activities that take place besides the rides.  They have competitions for everyone to participate in.

One of the big events they have is the Coastal Carolina Fair Pageant.  The pageant has different brackets for all ages from preschool to high school.  The boys bracket is a smaller age range.  You can be from a couple of months to five years old.  The girls can go up to 17 years old.  There isn’t a fee for the pageant, so money isn’t an issue and you can spend a little extra on the perfect dress.

Another event that takes place here is the photographer and fine arts bracket.  You can enter pictures you take, sculptures you make, or drawings you have.  In this event, you can win cash prizes.  There are different divisions for what artwork you want to submit.

There are many events to be part of and also live concerts.  The people that are performing are different every year.  This year they are bringing in Strutter-KISS Tribute, Haley Mae Campbell, Lauren Alaina and many more.

The schools in DD2 are giving all of the students a free entry ticket for one day.  Even if you don’t like rides, the fair has many other options for you and your family and/or friends.