Do We Have the Power to Stop Our Changing World?


Hailey Brinson, Contributor

Throughout the course of time, our planet’s stature has experienced continuous ups and downs. The constant changes continue to result in the outbreak of more controversial activity throughout our communities. The serious question of “Do humans have the capability to stop our changing world?” continues to haunt our mission to destroy our planet. 

Climate uproars and protests have vastly increased since the passing of the Clean Air Act in previous years. Friday, Dec. 6, the streets of Washington, D.C. were filled with civilian protesters who were speaking their minds for what they believe in. The uproar was organized by a partnering association who led a D.C. protest culminating in 32 arrests.

Even so, the quality of the air we intake has been decreasing, especially in large portions of the Western half of the United States, where the increase in wildfires causes severe damage to the air quality.  The more fires that uproar, the dryer the air becomes, causing an imbalance within our atmosphere 

With all the downfalls, humans still have a chance to turn our world around. Taking a step towards bettering our environment does not have to be a complex or elaborate takeover. A few very simple yet effective ways to better our planet are: 

  • Planting trees to help release more clean oxygen into the atmosphere  
  • Eliminate the use of plastic utensils and paper plates  
  • Use a refillable water bottle  
  • Recycle all paper and plastic products  

Where the goal of better-quality air and a happier planet is very reachable, we must work together. Every community, state, country must come together to work towards the best Earth we can possibly be. With this. we will be able to turn the quality of our environment around and keep nothing but the best always at number one.