Former Nazi Guard to Take the Stand



This picture taken on September 2, 2016 shows the former German Nazi concentration camp Stutthof in Sztutowo, northern Poland. - A former SS guard, aged 94, goes on trial on November 6, 2018 in Germany charged with complicity in mass murders at a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, in a case bearing symbolic and moral weight. (Photo by Mateusz Ochocki / KFP / AFP) / Poland OUT (Photo by MATEUSZ OCHOCKI/KFP/AFP via Getty Images)

Claudia Holl, Contributor

A 93-year-old man, “Bruno D,” will be taking the stand on the murder charges of thousands in Germany between August 1944 and April 1945.

Bruno D will be going to a Hamburg court as an accessory to the murders of 5,230 people in concentration camps in those months. According to his statements he knowingly committed and supported these murders as a Guard. During those nine months he was a guard at Stuffof Camp as a SS guard and was only of age 17 (CNN).

In this camp, prisoners were killed by being poisoned with Zyklon B gas, being shot in the back of the neck, and being denied food and medicine. Bruno D prevented prisoners from escaping, revolting, and/or being rescued.

Even though he is now age 93, he will be charged in youth court because of his age at the time of the murders. He will be standing in court for only two hours at a time due to his health condition.

The camp (Stuffof) was located 22 miles outside of present day Gdanisk in Poland. Around 65,000 were killed in this specific camp alone. Thousands were said to have to people with mental or physical illnesses.