CDC Releases a New Name for Vaping-related Lung Sickness

CDC Releases a New Name for Vaping-related Lung Sickness

Lily Earwood, Contributor

A new name for the vaping-related lung condition has been released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) by the name of EVALI. This is an abbreviation for “electronic cigarette or vaping product use associated with lung injury.”

EVALI is used to describe someone who has developed lung illness by the use of electronic cigarettes. According to the CDC, there are over 1,000 cases in 49 states. Additionally, 26 deaths in 21 states have been confirmed as a result of EVALI (Fox News).

The CDC has released that 80 percent of the EVALI patients are below the age of 35. Fifteen percent are minors and 21 percent are ages 18 to 20 years old (Slash Gear).

It is said that the sickness is like pneumonia. The symptoms include chest pain, abdominal pain, weight loss, fevers, vomiting, and others (People).

Recently, people have come to believe that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, due to events and research, vaping is proved to be worse than smoking cigarettes for many reasons. The sicknesses caused by smoking cigarettes, such as various forms of cancer and heart disease, is developed over years of constantly smoking. However, lung illness and seizures caused by using an electronic cigarette is developed over a shorter time period, maybe even less than a year. (National Center for Health Research)

In teens, using e-cigarettes can be high risk due to their developing brains. Furthermore, not only do e-cigarettes contain large amounts of nicotine, they also contain other harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause various kinds of cancer and EVALI (American Heart Association).

People started vaping because they thought that it was less harmful than smoking. While smoking still has overall serious illnesses as a result, vaping has proved show that it is just as damaging.

The CDC and the FDA are recommending people to stop the use of electronic cigarettes until they learn more about EVALI.