Protests in Hong Kong Reach All-time High


Hong Kong protesters during the 19 week long protests

Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributor

Protests in Hong Kong are resulting in extreme violence and controversy. The protests originated from a controversial bill, proposed by Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam. The protests have been stirring for 136 days.

The extradition bill, which sparked the protests, was going to make criminals caught in Hong Kong be prosecuted by main land China, which has a conviction rate of 98 percent. Although the bill was withdrawn, due to all of the violence a protester said, “too little, too late” (BBC).

Although the bill was the main cause, there have been other causes to the riots, such as tweets which supported the protest and came from NBA General Manager Daryl Morey and NBA player LeBron James. The tweets caused many issues with mainland China, which caused the protests to continue.

The riots have gotten so violent and extreme, that soldiers from mainland China have been sent to help the local police officers. This didn’t sit well with the protesters because their main goal in the protests is to have less Chinese influence.

Hong Kong has never had as many violent protests. They are arming their officers with tear gas and rubber bullets. in one situation, a protester was hit by a rubber bullet, which caused riots for many more weeks.The protests started in April, and are still going on today; that makes it 19 weeks of straight protesting.

The protests in Hong Kong have been internationally controversial and violent. Though there have been public apologies, the protesters are not planning to stop until there is less influence from mainland China.