Syrian Refugee Hardships Continue

Syrian refugees on Turkey-Syria border.

Syrian refugees on Turkey-Syria border.

Kenzie Moten, Contributor

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The Syrian refugee crisis, which began in March 2011 in the southern town of Daraa, is on-going and still a major concern. Since the incident in 2011, over six million refugees have emigrated.

The crisis is a direct cause of public demonstrations from teenagers in support of “anti-gov” graffiti. Push factors include a civil war uprising, ISIS, and religious persecution which has killed over 220,000 people. But pull factors for Syrians to return are for family and economic hardship and discrimination faced in the country they are displaced in. According to, “nearly 12 million people in the country need humanitarian assistance.”

Syrian refugees are displaced into urban areas, including the countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Germany, and Sweden. Due to so much compact and sudden migration, it’s been difficult to diffuse many Syrians within the countries society. “As many as 70 percent of Syrians live in extreme poverty, on less than $1.90 a day,” (

This problem is still occurring today in Syria where millions more are still trapped and need urgent shelter, protection and safety.