The State Reports South Carolina’s Tyger River is Polluted By Mud


Amaya Mansman, Contributor

On October 14, multiple sources including The State reported South Carolina’s Tyger river, which is run by Dominion Energy, is clogged by mud pollution.

This water is used for drinking purposes, so laws are saying sanitation laws were violated. Dominion Energy is a multi-billion dollar company all over the U.S. The company claims the problem is being solved. Dominion now wants to expand more and go in the oil industry.

Other states, including South Carolina, are arguing this shouldn’t be allowed. This is because the mud caused many homes to have power outages and miss out on clean water. Shelley Robbins says, “the agency should have done more”(The State Newspaper). People interviewed since the outbreak have argued saying they should stay away from the oil industry until they can figure out a way to do things safely.

Dominion Energy has caused water pollution, and may cause a new one in West Virginia. They are now being fined $4,200 by the state for the mud pollution. The event mainly is occurring in the Tyger River in Spartanburg County. A representative working for Dominion says,”the erosion problems occurred along a section of pipeline in Spartanburg County.”